Welcome to Precious Pearl Egg Donation agency.

Our agency, located in Southern California, matches intended parents with their perfect egg donors.  Our company’s approach marked by a high level of support, privacy, integrity and compassion. We work with loving families of all types and carefully screened egg donors.

When is egg donation needed?

Egg donation (sometimes called ovum or oocyte donation) is used in cases where a person wishes to have a child, but is unable to achieve a pregnancy for various reasons. The cause may be a medical condition (such as dysfunction, birth defects, premature depletion of ovarian function, menopause), age, choosing to be a single parent or sexual orientation. Donation of eggs is also used at the risk of transferring hereditary diseases. By donating your eggs, your generosity will help create a family for those who could not by themselves.

We offer our clients:

  • Personalized care
  • Screening of all egg donor candidates that includes a personal interview
  • Egg Donor Database with full, detailed profiles to make sure you find the perfect match
  • Our egg donors remain completely anonymous unless both parties — donor and intended parent(s) — agree otherwise
  • Affordable fees that are clearly defined and have no hidden charges
  • Full information and support during the whole process

Why Should I Use an Egg Donor Agency?

The egg donation process can be complex and includes not only matching a suitable egg donor with intended parents, but also coordinating the medical, legal and financial procedures that go along with egg donation. Precious Pearl egg donation agency manages the entire process including costs, reproductive/IVF specialists, genetic testing, psychological evaluations, escrow accounts, lawyers, paperwork and scheduling appointments. In addition, an agency provides important emotional and psychological support to every individual involved in the journey. We take the time to explain the egg donation process and also discuss, in confidence, any concerns you may have.