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Precious Pearl Egg Donation Agency offers intended parents an all-inclusive egg donor program. Since our goal  is to match an intended parent with an ideal egg donor, we offer a multi-disciplinary team approach that includes all facets of the egg donation process. We, together with our network of professional associates, will guide and support you through this process, hopefully culminating in an experience of joy and fulfillment of the parenthood.

What Makes the Egg Donor Program at Precious Pearl Egg Donation Agency Special?

The reasons a person uses egg donation (sometimes called ovum donation) differ, but everyone wants the same result—a healthy baby. We want that too, and we’re excited to wolk the path to parenthood together with you. It can be an intricate process, but we will guide you through the whole journey carefully and confidentially.

Comprehensive Screening

All of the donor candidates who are part of our ovum donation program have undergone a rigorous screening process. Before being accepted into our program each one of our donors has participated in an interview, has passed the initial screening application, undergone an in-depth evaluation and submitted a detailed personal history profile. This interview gives our staff an opportunity to get to know the donors, to understand their motivations for being an egg donor as well as answer the many questions they may have about becoming an egg donor. Past surgeries, pregnancies, and other medical procedures are disclosed during this interview, as is any family history of hereditary diseases. We also ask our egg donors to disclose their personal usage of alcohol, tobacco, and other social habits. To review the qualifications, please refer to our egg donor requirements.

Compassion, Care, Support

We’re a small, intimate egg donor agency by design. As part of our egg donation program, we work closely with all of our egg donors and the intended parent(s), keeping interactions personal, making ourselves available, and minimizing opportunity for stress. We offer support and care during whole process, from selecting your egg donor, to managing the details of egg donation IVF and the embryo transfer cycle. The information on these procedures is certainly complex, however our coordinators will guide you along the way to ensure the egg donation process and IVF cycle is managed with compassion and respect.

Clearly Defined Fees/Finances

Our egg donor fees are standard and commensurate with guidelines set by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Please review our egg donor costs. We have created a list that is concise and comprehensive.

Looking for an Egg Donor

Finding a donor egg is as simple as registering to browse our online egg donor database. All of our donors have detailed profiles to help you locate the perfect donor to create your new family. Once you have found a donor you would like to use, we will contact her to confirm availability and then will set up all required medical and psychological screenings.

As part of our egg donation program, we will also contact your physician and provide the donor information on your behalf. The last step is for the attorney to draft the legal contracts. The egg donation cycle cannot begin until the intended parents and the egg donor have all signed all documents.

Using Donor Eggs

The egg donation process takes approximately six weeks from start to finish. It begins by using birth control pills (for the donor) and estrogen (for the intended mother) to synchronize the menstrual cycles of the two women. The donor will then administer self-injections of Lupron and follicle-stimulation hormone (FSH) for several weeks before egg retrieval.

The egg retrieval procedure is done in a third-party fertility specialist’s office via guided ultrasound and the donor eggs are fertilized through IVF. The embryos are then transferred to the uterus of the intended mother within three to five days of fertilization.

Learn more about the egg donation process.

Thank you for your interest in our egg donation agency. If you would like more information on our Egg Donor program please call +1(818)9709639 or complete the create account form and a representative will contact you.