For Intended Parents

All of the donor candidates who are part of our ovum donation program have undergone a rigorous screening process.

About Us

We work with loving families of all types and carefully screened egg donors to coordinate egg donation arrangements.

Sperm Donation

We also provide a sperm donation. It means that intended parents have a possibility to choose from our male participants. If you are looking for some particular kind of appearance you can take a look in our male database.

International agency

We are an international agency. It means for you that you can apply as an egg donor from different countries, like Eastern Europe and Armenia. This site is available in 3 languages: English, Russian and Armenian.

Donation on the distance

We invite all our donors to our office to meet them personally. If you are impeded to travel we will arrange an online meeting. It is important for us to know every donor in person.  After that, if one of our intended parents would like to use your egg there is also a possibility to […]

All-inclusive egg donation agency

We use a team-oriented approach to match individuals and couples with their perfect egg donor. We work with couples from all walks of life to help them create a family.

Egg Donor Process

The compatibility of our egg donors and intended parents is an important part of the egg donor process at Precious Pearl Egg Donation Agency.