What Sets Us Apart from Other Egg Donor Agencies?

Precious Pearl Egg Donation Agency uses a team-oriented approach to match individuals and couples with their perfect egg donor. We are an inclusive egg donor agency, so we work with couples from all walks of life to help them create a family. Our company’s approach to care is marked by a high level of support that will ensure your experience is positive, enjoyable and rewarding.

Although our agency is based in California, we work with egg donors located across the world. We offer our clients:

  • Personalized care from an experienced case manager who will guide you through the entire process
  • Comprehensive screening of all egg donor candidates that includes a personal interview
  • An in-depth egg donor database with full, detailed profiles to make sure you find the perfect match
  • Affordable fees that are clearly defined and have no hidden charges, with financing available
  • Full information and support resources available 24/7 to make sure your journey is fulfilling
  • A convenient Southern California travel destination, with close proximity to Los Angeles (LAX), San Diego (SDO) and Orange County (SNA) international airports

About Precious Pearl Egg Donation Agency

Unlike other egg donor agencies and companies, Precious Pearl Egg Donation Agency offers a boutique style experience that allows us to exceed the expectations of both intended parents and egg donors. We strive to keep all of our interactions personal and to manage the entire process with the utmost compassion and a commitment to keeping up with details.

Precious Pearl Egg Donation Agency is excited to walk with you on the path to parenthood or support you as you help create a family for someone special. Our team approach ensures that all of our clients have access to a wealth of information and support, helping to demystify the process and result in what every egg donor and intended parent want – a healthy baby.

Why Should I Use an Egg Donor Agency?

The egg donation process can be complex and includes not only matching a suitable egg donor with intended parents, but also coordinating the medical, legal and financial procedures that go along with egg donation. A donor egg agency not only helps intended parents and egg donors find each other, but it also manages the entire process including costs, reproductive/IVF specialists, genetic testing, psychological evaluations, escrow accounts, lawyers, paperwork and scheduling appointments. In addition, an agency provides important emotional and psychological support to every individual involved in the journey. We take the time to explain the egg donation process and also discuss, in confidence, any concerns you may have.

Learn More About our Egg Donation Agency:

If you have questions about using an egg donor agency, please contact Precious Pearl Egg Donation Agency.